YD Technique training course

Originally from Japan! Patented chiropractic method
In total, 308,000 cases.

Focus on quick improvement

Recommendation by the doctor.

Dr J.S.

Visiting Professor, ABC medical University Professor, CDE University (Ph.D./MD)

Representative of the Weather Pain Treatment Promotion Association, advisor to the YD Technology Association.

I discovered the YD technique through a number of treatments. Based on the clinical evidence, I believe this technique may be applied as an alternative therapy for weather pain, which is my speciality.

Director of Doi Osteopathic Institute Yoshiyasu Doi

In YD technique Training Course, we are devoting ourselves to improving patients’ chronic pain (headache, stiff shoulders, low back pain) more safely and effectively and preventing recurrence with a new treatment method that approaches Atlas and Axis.

Program Structure

Demonstration with patients

How to use the equipment and practice

Theory of YD technique

Introduction about YD equipment.

Understanding pain status and decision about treatment plan.

General info




3 days



Entry requirements
  • Physician

  • Judo Therapist

  • Acupuncturist

  • Massage therapist

  • Physical therapist

  • General public without qualifications.

Client Reviews

Y.D. Technique therapy does not burden the practitioner's body to be active until the age of 80. You can expect a lot of improvements in symptoms like dizziness, headaches, chest pain, numbness, insomnia and back pain.

- H.O.

Chronic pain in juvenile scoliosis and muscle contusion disappeared for two weeks with a single treatment.

- A.N.

We treat patients with various symptoms and trauma, but many patients have emotions such as headache, migraine, stiff shoulders, low back pain, hernia, and posture improvement, and voices of joy such as relief from pain.

- K.Y.

I believe this revolutionary treatment will be a saviour for sports medicine.

- Mr S.

Table tennis athlete director

"Creating a pain-free world" is our vision.

Now, most patients who visit the osteopathic clinic suffer from indefinite complaints.

I have decided to create a painless and joyful life for my patients and have learned many treatments.

Finally, we have developed a treatment method and equipment that can improve the body safely and efficiently and have obtained patents and medical certification.

It’s just the result of a decision to cure the patient.

While working as a Judo rehabilitator, I hope that everyone involved in chronic pain will experience the effects of YD technique on patients.

Beyond the boundaries of chiropractic, we can genuinely help patients as a single healer. At present, we are devoting ourselves to the treatment every day while actively cooperating with the medical community.

After this YD technique training course, we hope that YD technique will be helpful as one of the effective treatments for chronic pain (headache, stiff shoulders, back pain, etc.).

Y. D.

National licencing - Judo therapist ,
YD technique Association Director

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